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Jabalpur College Of Computers
& Communication.
Affiliated to Rani Durgawati Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur

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  • The N.S.S unit in Jccc college was established with Dr.Ganesh Rathore as its founder program officer.
    Program Officer
    Dr.Ganesh Rathore
    Phone no - 9826506022

    Goal of N.S.S
    Education through Community Service and Community Service through Education.

    1. To reach out to the rural areas and make them aware of their social life.
    2. To develop personality and leadership quality in the volunteers.

    Regular Activities- 1. Tree plantation.
    2. Blood Donation camp
    3. Sadbhavna Divas
    4. Seminar and workshops on personality development
    5. Seminar on traffic rules
    6. Anti-terrorism programme
    7. World AIDS day
    8. Human Rights day

    Total Enrolled Volunteers-100

    Camp Activities-
    1. Street play
    2. Shram dan
    3. Environment Awareness workshop and rally
    4. Tree plantation programme
    5. Medical camp
    6. Project work
    7. Teaching children
    8. Social work



Sports play a vital role in the overall development of a student.Physical education is very important for the personality development of students.Students of our college actively participate in various sports activities at the University,State and National levels in both men and women sections.The events in which students participate are cricket,football,handball,atheletics etc. 

1. To promote teamspirit among students.
2. To create awareness among students for sports.
3. To create awareness among students for sports.
4. To motivate students for their participation in sports.
5. To develop moral values through sports and games.

Cultural Activities

Active participation of students in cultural activities is promoted by the members of the cultural committee.This cultural committee is responsible for organizing cultural events namely Inter-collegiate Youth Festival organized by Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya,Independence day,Festival celebrations etc. 

Motivate students to learn Indian culture and its values.

To inculcate moral,social and cultural values within students.

Activities performed-
The cultural society works with the aim of over-all development of the students through participation in various cultural events like song,dance,mime etc.

Our activities include-
1. Independence Day celebration.
2.. Rakhsha Bandhan celebration.
3. Ganesh Chaturthi celebration.
4. Deewali celebration.
5. Inter-college youth festival.
6. Christmas celebration.

And many more. Besides these,cultural committee also organizes various competitions such as poster making,presentations,slogan writing,T-shirt making,Essay writing,debates,Quizzes,Group discussions,speech and extempore,etc




  1. Tech club
  2. Business brigade club
  3. Media club light,camera,action.
  4. Karma club